At ACA we believe in the power of prayer. The most powerful aspect of prayer is that it changes the heart of the person praying, not the heart of God.

We have four ways to pray with you:

  • Attend a Sunday service, fill out a prayer card and drop it in the offering. Only our pastors will see this card and will bring it in prayer every Tuesday morning during our pastoral prayer time.
  • Get connected with a Life Group and present your needs to the fellow faithful. We would love to join you as a body to bear one another’s burden.
  • After Sunday service, connect with our prayer team at the church at a prayer station in the sanctuary. Our prayer team will confidentially and faithfully join you in bringing your request to God our Father.
  • Fill out the form on this page and submit it, the prayer request will be forwarded to our pastoral staff and they will bring it in prayer on Tuesday morning.

Send A Prayer Request