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Dear Church Family,

As we continue with the series, ‘He is the potter’, we see in the Word of God, where Paul is addressing the Church at Rome. This Church had a mix of Jews and Gentile, but mostly Gentile.
The letter to the Romans can be divided into four sections.

Ch 1 & 2, the Wrath of God.
Ch 3:21 to Ch 8 end, the Grace of God
Ch 9, 10 & 11. Plan of God as it relates to Jews and us, the Gentile
Finally, the Will of God, as we read in ch 12:1 on, the Acceptable and Perfect Will of God.
This letter also has people segmented into three:
The Pagan, who are outright lawless and do only evil all the time, no standards, no morals, no respect for the law or anything in life.
The Moralist, who think they are good and they help and donate, so they are alright. They live by their good deeds.

And then the religious Jew, who think that they follow the law, so they don’t need anything else. They are the righteous ones, or shall we say, the self righteous.

But the Word of God clearly points out that, all have sinned. You could fall into any of the three categories, still the fact remains; all are corrupt and fall short of God’s glory.
As we see the Scripture says, can the clay say to the potter, what are you doing with me? What are you making me into? I don’t want to be the vessel you want me to be. Rom 9:19-21
Paul understood this very well, as he had come through that strong belief, that he was perfect and he did not need this new movement which Jesus Christ had introduced.
We all know that he was out to persecute and kill those who followed Christ. This is clear from the fact, that he was the young man at whose feet all the people who stoned Stephen, left their clothes. Acts 7:58

He asked the same question to Jesus when he had fallen down on the ground, on the way to Damascus. Who are you, are you the potter, and don’t you know that I am trying to protect the law and things of God?
Now he had been redeemed by that false belief and from his self-righteousness. He was now enjoying the freedom in Christ and he was so passionate about the gospel that he didn’t care if he was in chains for Christ.
He who was ordering the binding of believers now was gladly ready to take on the chains for the sake of Christ. What was the difference?

Now he understood that the Master Craftsman, Master Builder, the Chief Shepherd, the Creator God, as a Potter had every right to do what he pleases. Ps 115:3, 135:6.
So, the question as we read in verse 19. Why does he find fault then?
Or why do we have to bother, anyway He will do what he has to do.
True, but if we don’t know who our potter is then our response to such questions will always be, either, I don’t know why things are the way they are, OR, it doesn’t matter, what you do, God has already decided everything. Really? If that is our response then we do not know the Potter well.
With all the questioning, we miss out the main thing. Rom 9:25-26

Who were the Israelites? God is the one who chose them, right?
Where did they come from? God called Abram who was a Gentile, whose father was an idol maker. He chose him and called him out.
What about us?
Who were we. Each one of us?
We were alienated from His presence. Jesus Christ has extended his grace and has brought us into his marvelous light.
He who knew no sin became sin for us, so that we might be called the righteousness of God. Then how can we ever think that God does anything that He pleases, as if He does wrong? No, dear friends, but He always does the best for us.
If we really know how loving the Potter is, we will know that whatever vessel He is making us into, will be beautiful in His hands. He will always do it for His glory. He rejoices over us and transforms us on a daily basis.

He is bringing us back to him in every situation to be more and more like Him daily.
So, if there are painful times, or when it seems that the clay is marred, remember He is shaping us, and even in those painful moments, He holds the clay in his hands and does not let it fall apart.
One thing in closing today, always remember that He has plans of good and not evil towards us. He is the potter. He is our Everlasting Father. He is slow to anger abounding in love and great is His mercy.
His love abounds more than we can ever imagine.
He is the potter and he will always do the best for his children.
May we know him more and understand more clearly daily, that he who is the Potter, will perfect all that concerns us.

God bless!

Thompson Samuel
Associate pastor:  Atlanta Christian Assembly

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