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Dear Church Family,

This week was we started with the series, ‘The Broken Heart’. The Word of God says that the Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit. When we go through pain and suffering, as we saw in the most recent Hurricane Michael, normally we feel that God is far away in those situations, but the Scripture repeatedly tells us that God is right there with us and He carries us through those painful situations.

We read about Hannah, who had a broken heart, because she was childless. On top of that. she was ridiculed by Peninnah all the time. Even though she was loved by her husband, she was in a painful situation. Many times, when people are going through tough times of loss, heart breaking situations, we try to comfort them with words that hurt them even more.
We need to tread very lightly, when it come to situations like this, as we may not have gone through those painful experiences and words we speak may hurt them even more. We must always comfort them with the Word of God and prayers.

Hannah, in this situation prayed to God and poured out her heart in the presence of God. Even Eli, the priest did not understand her situation, but when Hannah explained why she was crying our to the Lord, he blessed her with the word that the Lord may fulfill her heart’s desire.

God answered Hannah’s prayer and she was blessed with Samuel, whom she lent to the Lord. Samuel, as we know was a great prophet, who started serving the Lord as a young child. For a mother, it was not easy for Hannah to part with Samuel, at that age, but she had taken a vow and she knew that God would bless her, according to His Word. Hannah was blessed with more children.

The Word of God also says that he who has pity on the poor, lends to the Lord.
May we ask God to give us a heart which cries out for those who are going through pain and suffering. loss of life and other losses. May we continue to pray for God to give them the strength and courage to go through those heart breaking situations.

God bless!

Thompson Samuel
Associate pastor:  Atlanta Christian Assembly

Worship Night – Charlotte:
On October 26th, in Charlotte, NC, there will be a worship night for all the youth at Bethel Christian Fellowship. Joanna Finny, Lincy Feba Sam, and Nissy Abraham will be leading worship. October 27th, there will be a Harvest Festival in Charlotte as well. We encourage all the youth to attend.
*Please Contact David if you need a ride*

Prayer Team:
We are looking for a prayer team at ACA, to pray for the Pastoral team and all the ministry areas. If you would like to volunteer yourself as a prayer team member, please contact the Pastor or his wife, Linda Samuel.

Music and Sound System:
If you have an interest in serving, we invite you to be part of the Sound and Light Ministry.
If you are interested in serving in the Worship Ministry, we would love to hear from you. Please contact David Mathew to learn more about how you can be a part of what God is doing at ACA.

David Mathew 



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For more information about our children’s ministry please contact Christopher Thomson with your availability and any further details.

Christopher Thomson
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