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Dear Church Family,

This week bro. K. V. Cherian spoke to us from the Word of God. He continued on the subject, “Hearing the voice of God.” As it says in Hebrews 1:1, God Has been speaking to His people through prophets giving very clear messages. Prophets who were chosen by God gave the Word that was given to them. It was as if they gave the word in portions. The Israelites heard the voice of God through different prohets, who were sent to them at the time needed. It was like small pieces of a big picture, and the picture came out clear, as the picture of Jesus Christ.
When the Israelites were walking under the cloud and walked through the sea, with walls of water on both sides. It is a clear picture of water baptism. The cloud also was the presence of the Lord, guiding the Israelites. They would move only when the cloud moved. If the cloud stopped, they would stop and stay till the cloud moved again.

We must move according the the word given by God. When He says to move, we must move and when He says to stop, we must. We might say that we do not have a cloud over us. Well, we have God, the Holy Spirit moving in us. When he speaks and gives us direction, we must move in that direction. Whether it is regarding job or the school major.

God’s direction was also given in the old testament by Urim and Thumim on the garments of the High Priest. Ex 28:30. This used to be on top of Aaron’s heart.
Thank God that now we have the Holy Spirit in out hearts, not just outside on top of our garments. We must pay attention to the voice of God, the Holy Spirit.
God speaks to us through His Word and tells us clearly, what to do. To hear the voice of God, we must be truthful in our speech. We must speak to each other with a sincere heart.
God says clearly to His people that even though they did not listen to His voice for many years, when they cry to Him, He will answer. When the Israelites were in captivity and afraid, didn’t know what will happen and where they should go, God spoke to them very clearly, “This is the way walk in it.”

God is a very loving Father. Even though we make many mistakes and do wrong things, when we come to God our Father, He lovingly speaks to us and gives us guidance.
On this Father’s day, we as fathers should be very loving and forgiving to our children. They may make mistakes, but we should always pray for them and bless them.
May God give us the grace to listen to His sweet and gentle voice, and walk according to His guidance.

God bless!

Thompson Samuel
Associate pastor:  Atlanta Christian Assembly


On July 13th at 7:30 PM we plan to have a worship night at ACA. Alvin Benjamin and Joanna Finny will be leading the worship night. We encourage EVERYONE to attend this event.

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Isaiah 30:18-26 & Hebrews 1:1
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