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Dear Church Family,

Wish you all a very blessed and God filled year 2018.
What a privilege to be alive and enter the New Year, with all of you, blessed people of God.
As most of the people make new resolutions and plan different things from the last year, or look for a change, what do believers in Christ Jesus look for? A believer must always look to the Lord for everything which concerns about life. The simple reason; He is the life giver and it is by His will that we are alive today.

The first Sunday of this year, we looked at the Word of God, for guidance and direction from the Lord, as we always do. We looked at how the Lord Has given us the promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us. How, He who is faithful, Has called us, but in spite of His promises and His living Word, we still look back at our failures and say like Jeremiah said, that we are just very young, or we are just not knowledgeable. In essence, we tell the Lord that we are not fit, or maybe, not ready for His work.

The one who has called us is faithful and He has called us with a plan and a purpose. He knows us more than we can ever know about ourselves. Just because we were not able to accomplish the things that we planned for in 2017, or just because of discouragement and unsuccessful projects or business plan failure, or even low grades in our tests, we cannot give up.You may ask, Why?

The one who is our creator God says that He has chosen us before the foundation of the world. He has called us by our name. He has called each one of us as a Royal priest, a Holy one and a special person. The Word of God also encourages us that we are not in this alone, but He is with us all the way. He who has started a good work in us will also bring it to accomplishment.
If the creator God is with us, what is our problem?

The Lord told Jeremiah that He will send him to nations to declare His Word. The Lord touched the mouth of Jeremiah and told him that He will put His word in Jeremiah’s mouth, to speak to a rebellious people. Jeremiah lived and prophesied in the most difficult circumstances. He prophesied or ministered for Forty Two long years and no one it seems turned back. Is that our issue? Are we saying that we tried and it did not work? Have we been trying to do things in our strength and wisdom. We always have to trust in the Lord’s strength and His wisdom.Are we looking at our calculations and numbers of how many came to the Lord through us? That is not our portion. Leave that to the Lord.

When He has called us to go and speak, go and live, go and declare, go and love, then let us go to the top of the mountains and declare His glory and His mercies, which are new every morning. His love is abounding, and He is a forgiving God.

Let us go with His Word, which He has given to us, in our mouth. Let us go in His strength, not ours.
Let us take 2018 as a challenge daily, to proclaim about His everlasting love and grace.

God bless!

Thompson Samuel
Associate pastor:  Atlanta Christian Assembly

Youth Lunch:
On January 20th, at 1 pm, the youth will be having lunch at church to discuss the future events for ACA’s youth. We encourage all youth to attend this lunch.

Prayer Team:
We are looking for a prayer team at ACA, to pray for the Pastoral team and all the ministry areas. If you would like to volunteer yourself as a prayer team member, please contact the Pastor or his wife, Linda Samuel.

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If you have an interest in serving, we invite you to be part of the Sound and Light Ministry.
If you are interested in serving in the Worship Ministry, we would love to hear from you. Please contact David Mathew to learn more about how you can be a part of what God is doing at ACA.

David Mathew 


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Every month, we give weekly scripture readings, so that you and your family can read and enjoy the Bible. We believe that the Bible, along with daily reading, is integral to the life of a believer. Use these scripture readings as a compass to navigate through your daily walk with God.

Jeremiah 1:1-19
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