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Dear Church family,

This week we looked at the subject, ‘Wait on the Lord/Be still.’
Even though we read in the Word of God and we know it very well, that we must always wait on the Lord for all our needs and in every circumstance, we still end up wanting things in a hurry, or taking action in a hurry, without waiting for the Lord to do His will in our lives. We see in the whole Bible, that many people rushed into things that God promised and did not want to wait on the Lord.

Moses, killed an Egyptian, thinking he was saving his Hebrew brothers from slavery. Abraham did not wait for the promise and rushed in having Ishmael as a son, did not work well. King Saul did not wait for Samuel to come and offer the sacrifice. Repeatedly, people of God, called by God and given promises by God, did not wait for God and His timing.

This is the reason the David the Psalmist says in Ps 27:14.
Wait on the lord. He realized that we as humans would always mess up taking things into our hands, so he is admonishing the people of God to wait on him.

The scripture portion that we read this morning, tells us about the Israelites, waiting on the Lord for the battle. As we read the Lord of the battles, brought confusion in the camp of the enemy and defeated them completely.

When we learn to trust in the lord and put our confidence in him, we also need to know that we need to wait for the timing of the lord. He is always perfect in his timing. For us, it may be a delayed response or taking too long, but he knows the right time.

Often we ask, why does He not do things that he has promised immediately? The answer, He knows the perfect timing.
There are a lot of other reasons. Some of which are:
He wants us to learn to wait on him and on his timing.
We may not be ready for the promise, to handle it the godly way. We may still have to learn a lot of things from him while waiting.
He knows the right reason and the right time. He is perfect in all His plans.

Let’s look in the new testament. Acts 1:21-26.
The apostles were in a rush to get the 12th apostle appointed in a rush. Yes, they did cast lots and asked the Lord and prayed, but it seems it was not the right timing.
Mathias, who was chosen, is never mentioned even once, after this selection by the apostles.
Whereas, Paul writes in the epistles that he is an apostle called by the Lord Jesus Christ. Gal 1:1, Eph 1:1, Col 1:1, 1 Tim 1:1, Titus 1:1

Even though he was a persecutor, God uses him to write almost half of the New Testament. Many believe that Paul is the twelfth apostle.

Waiting on the Lord is what we need to do, as we learn from the Word of God. It is not easy for us to wait for the Lord’s timing, but that is the only way for us to be in His will, then we see His mighty hand work miracles for us and make a way for us in all our circumstances.
May we wait on the Lord daily, for all our needs.l our needs.

God bless!

Thompson Samuel
Associate pastor:  Atlanta Christian Assembly

Prayer Meeting:
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