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Dear Church Family,

We have been looking at the series, “The All Sufficient God” for the past two weeks, and as we conclude it this week, we see how God provides even when things seem impossible. He is a God who Has promised us that He will always be with us. If we are His children, would He not provide for all our needs.
Many times, we categorize our lives and think that God is going to provide for this need, but not for the other one. OR, we may say that God is definitely interested in my spiritual walk with Him, my reading of the Bible, my church family, but not my School or College, or my workplace. Dear friends, God is interested in every area of our lives.

He cares for our getting up, sitting down, our walk, our work, our family and everything that concerns us.
Today, we are looking at Abraham’s life, at a juncture where he has given up all hopes for having his own child.

So he turns to Eliezer of Damascus and asks God to make him the heir. Gen 15:1-3.
He is telling the Lord that he is tired of waiting and now it is time for God to make his servant the heir, or the rightful owner of everything that God Has blessed Abraham with.
Many times, we are in this same situation, we have a promise from God and when that promise does not come through according to our timetable, we go into prayer or a conversation with God and it sounds exactly like what Abraham is having in this scripture portion, with God.
God Has to show us over and over again, that His promises are true, with Yes and Amen. 2 Cor 1:20
We see how God calls Abraham to come out of his tent and look at the stars in heaven and tells him that he will not only have his very own son but also have descendants like the number of stars. They will be numerous. Gen 15:4-7

God made a covenant with Abraham that very day. Gen 15:18
Abraham is called a father of many nations. Gen 17:4
Our God, who is the all-sufficient one, does the same for us.
Have we come across situations like these in our lives?
Many years back we received a promise from God and its been a while that we have even talked to Him about it. Why? Because we do not think it is ever going to happen.

Where are we today? Are we in an impossible situation? Does it seem that the promise of God is a far-fetched thing? It is never going to happen.
It may not be about us. We may have received a promise from God that He will provide for every need about our children. Today, we look at our children’s situation and think; Nah, it’s not going to happen.
Let me assure you today that our God who is The All-sufficient God will provide for that particular need that you ‘ve been waiting for many years. Even though it may seem impossible. Remember, our God is a God of impossibilities. He is All-Sufficient God.
In conclusion: The First week we looked at: The All-Sufficient and the only one who can forgive all our siThe second week: The All-sufficient God who supplies all our material, financial needs.
Finally: Th All Sufficient God who meets our needs even in the most impossible situations.
God bless!

Thompson Samuel
Associate pastor:  Atlanta Christian Assembly

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