Across the aisle.

We believe that Jesus has called us together as one body: from different places, different walks of life, different cultures and different faiths.  We intend to pursue a total integration of each part of the local Body of Christ to glorify God through the making of disciples, the studying of His word and worship.

Across the street.

We believe that Jesus has called us to go out and make disciples. We start with the people in our daily lives: friends, family, coworkers and the guy who bags our groceries at Whole Foods. The good news is good news for all and we intend to tell the world that.

Across the world.

We believe that Jesus is the only hope and stay for the world. He is taking us past our little worlds into His big world to preach the gospel, love on kids without moms and dads, and make disciples. The name of Jesus will be preached to the ends of the earth, it’s fun to be a part of that journey.